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A Micro Finance Company, also known as Micro Finance Institution is a type of non-deposit taking NBFC, other than Section 8 company which primarily deals with low amounts of financing to such people who have low income and are mostly located in rural and semi-urban areas of India.

Some of the advantages of registering a Micro Finance Companies are as follows…

  • Easy Finance to small business and traders

One of the primary objectives of Micro Finance Companies is to provide finance to small businesses and traders. Its main focus is to build a financial system for the poor and unemployed categories to provide them loans and other financial services to expand.

  • Promotion of Socio-Economic Growth

Micro Finance Companies helps in promoting the factor of Socio-Economic Growth at the local level. It further empowers the poor to avail not just loans but every kind of financial service. It tries to eliminate the poverty level in India on a large scale.

  • Better rate for repayment

Micro Finance Companies provide a better rate for overall loan repayment in comparison to the traditional banks which do not provide such a great rate.

  • Provides different types of loans

Hence, Microfinance Institutions provide financial assistance such as savings, insurance, and loans to the needy group in the society and also to the small entrepreneur, who usually are not able to meet the criteria for the standard bank loan.

Types of Legal Structure for registration of Microfinance Company

Following are the different types of legal structure for the registration of Micro Finance Company

Micro Finance Company Registration
Micro Finance Company Registration


Section 8 company needs to be registered as per the Companies Act, 2013. The registration process is quite simple and no minimum capital is required.

Section 8


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